Creating Quests

What is a Quest, and how does it work?

Quests inside Questmate can range from simple, recurring checklists, routines, or task lists to more complex processes or workflows that involve multiple people across different teams. It encompasses all the steps necessary for getting a particular task done, along with all the necessary guidance along the way. I can also include any automation necessary at the start or end of the Quest, like posting collected data to Slack or a Google Sheet. 🪄

What types of steps are supported within a Quest?

Steps inside a Quest can be everything from simple checkboxes ☑️, form-fields 📝 to interactive integrations and controls to other products or IoT devices 🚪⚡️🔊🚨. Really everything needed to get the job done!

How to create a Quest

There are two main options for creating Quests in Questmate:

In both cases, we start by clicking on the “Create Quest” button on the home screen.


Option 1: Create a fresh Quest from scratch

If you already know what kind of Quest you want to create, you can create a totally new Quest from scratch by:

  1. Click on the “Start Fresh!” option.
  1. Give your Quest a name
  2. Don’t worry if you can’t think of a name yet. You can easily rename your Quest after it has been created. Just call it “My Quest” or “Awesome Quest” for now 😊

  1. Choose the workspace your Quest belongs to
  2. When you first get started with Questmate, you have one default workspace to choose from: “Personal”.

    Once you’ve added more workspaces, you can choose which one your new Quest belongs to.

  3. Create your new Quest
  4. Click on the “Create Quest” button to create your new blank Quest.


This is what you should see once you have created your blank Quest.

The next step is to start adding items to your Quest.


Option 2: Choose an existing template

Find a Quest template via the search bar

If you have a specific template in mind, you can use the search bar to find the Quest by its name.

In this case, we found the “Team Standup” Quest we wanted by entering the term “stand”.


Find a Quest template via the scroll bar

Alternatively, you can scroll through the Quest templates and choose one that best fits your current needs.

In this case, we scrolled right to the bottom of the Quest templates list to find the “Team Standup” Quest.


Click on the template you’d like to use

You can now start customizing your new Quest to suit your team’s specific needs.


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