Tremendous is an easy way for businesses to send people money, via pre-paid cards that can be used anywhere, gift cards for specific retailers and more.

Questmate x Tremendous

Adding Tremendous to your Questmate account will make it really easy for you to send people work that they can get paid for instantly after completing it. You can add a review step too if you’d like to review and approve work before it is submitted as complete.

How teams are currently using the Tremendous x Questmate integration

Onboarding New Employees With Tremendous, you can surprise your new employees with say $50 on a digital card that they can use anywhere. All of the new employees at Questmate have loved this experience.
Customer Research Easily conduct market research by creating a survey with a cash reward for those who fill it out. Tremendous handles the payment for you, and you can always add a review step to double-check the content before it’s submitted.

How to get started with Tremendous + Questmate

Getting started with Tremendous + Questmate is really easy.

Link Tremendous to your Questmate account

  1. Log into your Questmate account.
  2. In the sidebar navigation menu, click on your profile photo.
  3. Click on “Apps”.
  4. Click on “Tremendous”.
  5. Follow the steps to link your Tremendous account! 🎉

Start using Tremendous to issue rewards

  1. Create a new quest or use an existing Quest template (see 👷‍♀️Creating Quests).
  2. Add a new “Issue Reward” completion action (see Issue rewards with TremendousIssue rewards with Tremendous).

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