Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Questmate? 🤓

Questmate makes it easy to get things done without anything falling through the cracks ever again. No matter if you're organizing a cleaning for your Airbnb, standardizing the assembly of a car in an electric car factory, running a software deployment checklist, onboarding a new member to your team, or nailing your daily business opening routines before welcoming customers in.

What makes Questmate so magical? 🪄

  • A simplistic UI approach - where others add buttons, we remove them.
  • Use with everyone for everything - from team members to customers, vendors, and more.
  • Passwordless yet secure - no need for you or others to create and remember any password.
  • Versatile and cost-effective - Questmate allows you to consolidate and get rid of expensive apps, e.g. Envoy.
  • Attach incentives to tasks - like automated payments or gift cards.
  • Let data flow in real-time - from and to any product, including Slack, Notion, Miro, and Jira.
  • Grant temporary access to IoT-controlled devices - from doors and light switches to your audio or alarm system.
  • Create your own custom components and automation - allowing for even deeper integrations into apps like Airtable or your own private systems and data sources.

We could go on for hours here, as the list of things that you can do with Questmate is constantly growing and pretty much endless.

How to use Questmate?

Funny you should ask 😀 We created a 3-min overview video to get you all familiar and started with Questmate!

What are some great use cases for Questmate?

Here are some common use cases existing users shared with us in the past:

  • Creatives are using it for content creation checklists
  • Startups are using it for running their team standups, deployment and release checklists, fundraising rounds, as well as onboarding (and sometimes offboarding 😬) of team members
  • VC funds are using it for onboarding limited partners to their fund, handling their deal flow & closing, onboarding portfolio companies & founders, and much more
  • Airbnb hosts are using it for organizing their changeovers (fancy speak for "cleaning")
  • Co-working spaces are using it to check-in guests and day pass members, register and assign Quests for incoming mail and parcels, as well as collecting feedback from their community

The short answer is: Pretty much everything that involves a series of steps and you're doing more than once should likely be a Quest!

What is a Quest, and how does it work?

Quests inside Questmate can range from simple, recurring checklists, routines, or task lists, to more complex processes or workflows that involve multiple people across different teams. It encompasses all the steps necessary for getting a particular task done, along with all the necessary guidance along the way. I can also include any automation necessary at the start or end of the Quest, like posting collected to Slack or a Google Sheet. 🪄

What types of steps are supported within a Quest?

Steps inside a Quest can be everything from simple checkboxes ☑️, form-fields 📝 to interactive integrations and controls to other products or IoT devices 🚪⚡️🔊🚨. Really everything needed to get the job done!

What is a Quest Run, and how is it different from a Quest?

While Quests are pretty much the blueprint of your routine, runs are the actual routines in action. Let's say you created a Quest for onboarding a new team member. You can now use this Quest and create a Quest Run from it for every new team member that you're onboarding. And while you can set default assignees and options for each Quest Run on the Quest itself, you can also set and change them individually for each run, like the assignees on a Quest Run.

All current and previous Quest Runs will be accessible from within the Quest. You will also receive notifications for newly completed Quests by others.

Can I use Questmate for more complex use cases, where I can group things and assign different tasks to different people?

Yes, you can organize these tasks in different Sub-Quests inside your Quest, all with their own specific settings and assignments. You can also set the assignment of Sub-Quest dynamically, based on data filled out in a prior Sub-Quest.

You can book a free session with us if you need help with any of that!

What's the best way to get started on my own if I haven't yet?

To get started, you can create your own Quest or get started with one of our growing list of prebuilt Quests.

After setting up your Quest, you can then run it as often as you like. Kicked off manually, triggered by a schedule or others systems by setting up automation.

When running your Quest you can either assign it to yourself, a team member, a vendor, or an existing or new customer.

I'd love a personal onboarding; is that possible? 😇

Yes, 100%. In fact, our most active and successful customers all went through at least one session with us to either set things up initially or to add new functionality to existing and new Quests.

These sessions run for around 25-30 min, can be booked here, and are generally offered free of charge.

We also offer setting things up for customers for them, including any automation & custom integrations needed.

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