Starting & Assigning Runs

What is a Quest run

A Quest run is a specific instance of a Quest that people can fill out. When you create a new Quest, you’re actually creating a template that you then use as the blueprint for creating individual Quest runs.

How to create a Quest run

You can create a specific instance of a Quest that you can fill out and submit in three different ways in Questmate:

1. Create Quest run from Quest home

  1. Click on any Quest you want to create a run from.
  2. Click on on “Start Quest Run”.

2. Create Quest run in edit mode

When editing a Quest, you can click on the “Preview” button to see what you Quest will look like as a Quest run. Or you can click on the “Start Run” button to create a new Quest run.


3. Create Quest run from public URL

A run is created automatically when people access a Quest via a public URL (see 🔗Public Quests for more info).

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