Subquests are quite a powerful feature in Questmate. You can use them to group tasks so that you can get a higher-level overview of what you need to get done without getting overwhelmed by the lower-level details.

What makes subquests especially awesome is that you can give them their own dedicated assignees, due-dates and approvers. This means that you can create a complex workflow involving multiple people or teams, where each party involved only sees the tasks that are directly relevant to them.

Create a Subquest

  1. Create a new Quest, or navigate to an existing one and press “edit”.
  2. Add a new item to your list by pressing the plus button.
  3. Change the item type to be a subquest via the settings icon on the top right of the icon.

You can then navigate to your newly created sub-Quest by clicking the arrow icon. There you can add all of the items you want as if it was a main Quest. You can also give your sub-Quest it’s own dedicated assignees!

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