Set up your display name and avatar

Setup your display name

Your display name will show up under Quests that you have authored to say that you were the one who created them. When assigning Quests to other people, they will see your display name under “assigned by”. It’ll also be shown in the assignee list when you are assigned to a Quest.

You can change your display name at any time by:

  1. On the home screen, click on the person icon at the top left of the Questmate app.
  2. Click on “Account”.
  3. Enter your new display name in the “Display Name” field.

Your display name is saved automatically, so you can hit the back button and it’ll be ready to go without you having to do anything else.

Setup your avatar

Your avatar is essentially your profile picture. You can see it next to your display name wherever it shows up.

To setup your avatar, go to gravatar.com and add a new avatar (they’ll guide you through the process). Make sure that the email associated with the gravatar is the same one that’s associated with your Questmate account.

You can check which email is associated with your Questmate account by clicking the person icon at the top left of Questmate’s app home screen, then “Account” where you’ll see it listed under your display name.

It can take a few hours for your new avatar to show up. You can check if it has been activated by entering the email you used to setup your gravatar into https://en.gravatar.com/site/check/

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