The multi-select item allows you to create multi-choice questions or options. You can choose what you want the title or question to be, then define as many options as you want for the person filling out the Quest to be able to select.

Add a multi-select item to your Quest:

  1. Create a new Quest or choose an existing one.
  2. In edit-mode, add a new item by clicking on the + button.
  3. Click on the settings icon and change your item type to “Multi Select”.

Add options to your multi-select:

  1. Click on the “add option” field an enter the text for your first option.
  2. To add additional options, just hit the enter button.

Edit mode


Fill-out mode


Rearrange options:

Click on the drag icon next to the circular checkbox to the right of each option and drag it into the position you’d prefer it to be. The other options will shift places to accomodate.

Delete options:

Delete the text of the option, then once the text is gone hit the backspace key again to remove it completely from your options list. Options that don’t have any text in them don’t show up in the main Quest by default.

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