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🧘🏼‍♀️ Self Assessment Quest, New Sidebar, Navigation & Home 🧭

Jan 09 2023

We love it when our customers share how they have expanded their use cases of Questmate. Many team members have recently started using Questmate for personal growth reflection with the aim of making annual performance reviews easier. We love this idea, and have created a quick 1-minute setup to make it easier to schedule and assign your quarterly check-ins to you or individual members of your team.

We’ve also added a sweet new sidebar to make navigating between your workspaces and Quests even easier. Your home screen now also provides a better overview of your currently running Quests and assignments.

More Details 🍭 🧘‍♀️ 🧭

New Templates

UX Improvements

  • New sidebar added for quick navigation
  • Ability to set a relative due date for Quests
  • Auto-cleanup of assignments that are past their due date
  • Relocated link to workspace settings to the new sidebar
  • Made Questmate feel even snappier, with even more improvements yet to come


  • Added Google Account Linking
  • Improved Post to Slack completion action (suppress empty/optional fields, updated icons, improved visual distinction between individual messages, solved refresh issues when multiple linked accounts share the same bot token)


  • Added quest.submit(); helper to Questscript context, which allows users to automatically submit the parent quest when the last sub-quest is completed.
  • Allow copying media items between sub-quests
  • Provide better error messages.

New Questscript examples

🙎‍♀️ Visitors Quest and Control Your Smart Devices & Tesla! 🚗

Dec 13 2022

With the recent addition of Slide Mode, you can now use Questmate to drive your public kiosk workflows, like having visitors sign in to your workplace via an iPad or Android tablet at your front desk. Join the smart teams that have already replaced existing solutions to save hundreds of dollars each month. Try and set up the Visitor Management Quest today. It only takes a minute, promised! 😇

If you follow us on Twitter, you might have seen some cool demos on how you can now build custom components using Questscript, which you can use to give users access to your Philips Hue Lightsand your Tesla!

More Details 🙎‍♀️ 🎮 🚗

New Templates

New Features

UX Improvements

  • Date Headers added in all lists
  • Make it easier to navigate Quest with a keyboard only
  • Show date along Quest / Assignment Name for Scheduled Quests (about time! 🤪)
  • Added tab bar to easily switch between open and completed Quests & Assignments
  • Added "Inbox Zero" Placeholder added to Assignments (some of you might never see this 🙈)
  • Fixed inconsistent cache updates (read: everything is now up2date everywhere 😬)
  • Fixed rendering of month switcher icons in the calendar
  • Added QR code for public Quests


  • Philips Hue account linking added
  • Airtable account linking added
  • Slack channel listing improved (for those of you with tens of thousands of channels 🤯)


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