Slack is a messaging app that is widely used by teams and workplaces to connect and share updates and information with each other.

Questmate x Slack

Adding Questmate to your Slack workspaces is a powerful way to instantly share results and the responses of completed Quests, right into your team channels.

How teams are currently using the Slack x Questmate integration

Visitor Management Quest Pull in your members data from Slack (or Airtable, Google Sheets etc), and notify hosts via the same or email or SMS.
Daily Standup Quest Align with your team with our asynchronous daily standup check-in, and post results where your team prefers to hang out, e.g. the #team Slack channel.
Feedback & Support Quest Post the results of your feedback and customer support Quests directly into the relevant channels, e.g. #customer-success.

How to get started with Slack + Questmate

This quick demo will show you how to link Slack to your Questmate account, and how to automatically post submissions from your Quest runs directly into your team Slack channels.

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