Airtable is a cloud-based, flexible database that feels like a spreadsheet to use. You can create tables with columns for organising your data, and add a variety of different data types from simple text fields to checkboxes, emails and file uploads etc. Airtable is a popular choice for some of our customers for storing their own customer and business data.

Questmate x Airtable

Questmate empowers you to create custom workflow apps that integrate with your Airtable databases, so you can pull in existing data, collect and add new data to your databases without having to leave your workflow. This ensures a consistent user experience across all of your teams, and eliminates the problem of trying to remember where important data is stored, or where important data should be saved.

How teams are using the Airtable x Questmate integration

USE CASE Visitor Management Quest: Pull in your members data from Airtable (or Slack, Google Sheets etc), and notify hosts via the same or email or SMS.

How to get started with Airtable in Questmate

This demo will show you how to link Airtable to your Questmate account, and how to create a quick dropdown inside your Quest powered by data in your Airtable.

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